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Intro Post [Mar. 14th, 2009|11:09 am]


[mood |determineddetermined]


I joined Curves about a month ago and have tried to go 3x a week.  Often, I make it twice.  Still, that's better than not going, so I'm not going to beat myself over it.  I go alone, but I prefer it that way since I go right after working with people who generally drive me nuts and Curves is a nice way to release some pent up "energy".  I'm not particularly fond of the Curves leader who tries to "Hun" everyone and be a little too intrusive for my taste, but I still go.

I begin a serious Weight Loss effort on Monday.  That's when I get really serious in my efforts and stop trying to sabotage myself.  I'm hoping Curves helps me begin and continue a serious and lifelong excercize habit.  Looking forward to getting some ideas and motivation here.  Nice to meet you all.


[User Picture]From: rubyreader
2009-03-20 04:26 am (UTC)
hi and welcome!
The owner at our club is a bit too "in my face" for my tastes too.
It seems the community has been seriously slow lately. Hopefully it picks up soon.
What type of weight loss program are you doing?
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